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The Devi Kavacham Provides Protection From all kinds of danger

“When consumed by fire or surrounded by enemies in battle, when seized by fear in adversity or crisis, those who take refuge In The Devī”
“will have nothing inauspicious befall them amidst the danger of battle, nor will they know any misfortune that brings grief, suffering or dread.”
“Those who remember Her always with devotion will surely win success. O Supreme Devi, You Protect those who remember You. Of that there is no doubt.”

– The Devi Kavacham, Verse 6 – 8, An Anga Of The Devi Mahatmya

The Devi Kavacham “Armour Of The Divine Mother” Mentions how no danger can befall those who take refuge In The Divine Mother through the wholehearted, single-minded, and daily recitation Of The Devi Kavacham. Devotees should revere and meditate On The Divine Mother with ardent devotion For Her Blessings And Protection From dangers of all kinds.