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1. OṀ. The Goddess Night, Approaching, Illumines every direction with Her Eyes. She Has Put On All Her Glories.

2. The Immortal Goddess has Filled the world’s breadth, heights, and depths With Her Light. She Drives Away the darkness.

3. The Approaching Goddess Follows Upon Her Sister, Dawn, At Whose Coming the darkness likewise Departs.

4. Now She Is Upon us: at Her Coming we go to rest as birds to their nest in a Tree.

5. The villagers have gone to rest, and so, too, all the creatures that walk or fly, even the ravenous hawks.

6. Ward Off the she-wolf and the wolf, Ward Off the thief, O Wave Of Darkness, and Be Easy for us to pass through.

7. For now, the palpable blackness crushes down upon me. O Dawn, Collect it Dutifully.

8. As You Would Accept a precious herd of cattle, O Daughter Of Heaven, O Night, Accept this Hymn, offered as if to A Conqueror.