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OṀ. Salutations to Caṇḍikā.

Mārkaṇḍeya said:

  1. OṀ. To Him whose body is pure knowledge, Whose Divine Eyes are The Three Vedas; to Him Who is the cause of attaining The Supreme, salutations to [Śiva] Who wears the half-moon.
  • Whoever would understand all this, the key to the verses [of The Devīmāhātmya], and is ever intent on reciting [them] shall surely succeed.
  • All actions for thwarting adversity succeed for those who sing The Devī’s praises with this multitude of verses in succession.
  • Without this recitation there is no spell, or medicine, or anything else that will succeed in thwarting all adversity
  • [But with recitation] all will succeed. When Hara [Śiva] Created this uncertainty in the world, he also ordained this entire Auspicious [Devīmāhātmya].
  • And he made secret this very hymn to Caṇḍikā. [The Reciter] reaches Her through holiness in order that She may be Pleased and Accept his appeal.
  • Without doubt, he who meditates with full concentration on the fourteenth or eighth days of the dark lunar fortnight attains complete well-being.
  • He gives [devotion to The Devī], [and] he Receives [Her Grace]. In no other way is She Pleased. And so, Mahādeva [Śiva] Secured [The Devīmāhātmya] as if with a pin.
  • Whoever constantly recites This Caṇḍī properly, with the restraint removed, surely becomes a perfected being, a divine attendant, even a celestial singer.
  1. And when he goes about, no danger arises anywhere. Never is he subject to untimely death, and at death he will attain liberation.
  1. Knowing [all this] and having commenced [this practice], one should perform [the recitation of The Devīmāhātmya]. Not doing so, one perishes. Knowing so, the wise devote themselves to this [which brings] complete fulfillment.
  1. Beauty, charm, and whatever other auspicious qualities are seen in women, all those are by [The Devī’s] Grace. For that reason this Auspicious [Devīmāhātmya] should be recited.
  1. Even when this Hymn is recited softly, its success is resounding, its fulfillment is complete. Therefore one should proceed.
  1. Sovereignty, Prosperity, Health, the Destruction of enemies, and Supreme Liberation are indeed by Her Grace; why should people not praise Her?
  1. One who always remembers Caṇḍikā in his heart attains his fondest desire; in his heart The Devī Shall Forever Dwell.
  1. At first Mahādeva imposed the restraint of this pin. Freed from that Restraint, [The Devīmāhātmya] is to be recited by those whose minds are fixed in meditation.