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The seer said:

  1. OṀ. She Who Will Be Born To nanda and named Nandā Bhagavatī, when praised and worshiped with devotion, Will Grant Mastery over the three worlds.
  2. Her Beauty Shines like The Finest Gold, Her Garments Are Of Golden Brilliance. Golden is The Devī’s Splendor, and of Pure Gold Are Her Adornments.
  3. Lotus, Goad, Noose, And Conch Grace Her Four Arms. She Is Indirā, Kamalā, Lakṣmī, Śrī, Seated on a resplendent lotus.
  4. O faultless one, The Goddess of Whom I now speak is Called Raktadantikā. I will describe Her True Nature; listen, for It Allays all fears.
  5. Red Is Her Clothing, Red Her Body, Red The Ornaments On All Her Limbs, Red Her Weapons, Red Her Eyes, And Red Her Hair. Great indeed is the Terror She Inspires.
  6. Red Are Her Rending Talons, Red Her Teeth, And Red Her Fangs. As a wife is loving toward her husband, The Devī Loves the person who is devoted to Her.
  7. She Is Expansive like the earth, and Her Two Breasts are like Mount Meru—Full, Heavy, Massive, And Alluring.
  8. Firm And Exquisite, They Hold The Milk of perfect bliss. With These Breasts that Satisfy all wants, The Devī Nourishes Her devotees.
  9. She Carries Sword, Drinking Vessel, Pestle, And Plough, The Devī Known As The Red Cāmuṇḍā And Yogesvarī.
  10. She Pervades the entire world, unmoving and moving. One who worships Her with devotion extends throughout the universe.
  11. As a woman attends her beloved, The Devī Attends one who constantly turns the mind to this wonderful hymn to Raktadantikā.
  12. Śākambharī’s Color Is Blue, Her Eyes Like A Blue Lotus, Her Navel Deep, And Her Slender Waist Adorned With Three Folds Of Skin.
  13. Her Breasts Are Firm, Even, And Full, Rounded, Plump And Solid. Reposing on a lotus, She Holds A Handful Of Arrows, A Lotus Blossom,
  14. and all manner of Flowers, Tender Plants, Roots, Fruits, And Vegetables in dazzling Abundance, with Tastes to please every palate, said to Remove all fear of hunger, thirst, and death.
  15. The Supreme Sovereign Bears A Bow Of Glittering Splendor. She Is Celebrated As Śākambharī, Śatāksī, And Durgā Herself.
  16. Free from sorrow, Subduing evil, Allaying difficulty and misfortune, She Is Ma Umā, Ma Gaurī, Ma Satī, Ma Caṇḍī, Ma Kālikā, And Ma Pārvatī.
  17. By Praising Śākambharī, contemplating Her, repeating Her Name, worshiping Her, and surrendering To Her, one quickly obtains the everlasting reward of food, drink, and freedom from death.
  18. Bhīmā also Is Colored Blue, With Shining Fangs And Teeth. A Wide-Eyed Woman With Full, Round Breasts,
  19. She Holds A Glittering Scimitar, Drum, Head, And Drinking-Vessel. She Is Called The Solitary Warrior, Kālarātri, praised as The Granter of desires.
  20. Bhrāmarī, Inviolable Within Her Encircling Light, Is A Many-Splendored Goddess, anointed with various Perfumes and Adorned with multihued Gems.
  21. With multicolored Bees In Hand, She is sung of as The Great Pestilence. Thus, O lord of the earth, are explained The Incarnations Of The Devī,
  22. Of The Mother Of The World, Of Ma Caṇḍikā, Renowned for Satisfying every desire. This is the supreme secret, which you must not divulge to anyone,
  23. this Explanation of Her Divine Embodiments that Yields the desired Results. Therefore, with unflagging perseverance, repeat The Devī’s Name unceasingly.
  24. By proper recitation of the verses [of The Devīmāhātmya], you will be Released from your offending acts acquired over seven lifetimes, even those as heinous as the slaying of a Brāhmaṇa.
  25. Meditation on The Devī is, I proclaim, the great secret of secrets, and if you persevere, it will Grant the Fulfillment of your every desire.