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The Devi Kavacham – Recitation Of The Devi Kavacham Provides Protection By The Many Forms Of The Divine Mother

The Devi Kavacham Venerates The Divine Mother In Her Many Glorious Forms. By reciting The Devi Kavacham with great sincerity, devotees can receive Protection And Blessings From The Divine Mother.

“Standing Upon A Corpse Is Mata Chamunda; Seated On A Buffalo Is Mata Varahi; Mounted On An Elephant Is Mata Aindri; Seated On Garuda Is Mata Vaishnavi.”
“Mata NaraSimhi Is Great In Valor; Mata ShivaDuti Is Great In Might.
Mounted On A Bull Is Mata Maheshvari, And Borne On A Peacock Is Mata Kaumari.”
“Seated Upon A Lotus, With Lotus In Hand, Is Mata Lakshmi, The Goddess Beloved Of vishnu. And The Sovereign Devi Who Is Borne On A Bull, Pure White Is The Form She Possesses.”
“Mata Brahmi, Adorned With All Her Jewels, Rides Upon A Swan. These, Then, Are All The Mothers, All United Together.”