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The Devi Mahatmya – The Glory Of The Divine Mother

The Devi Mahatmya introduces The Divine Mother, and teaches wisdom for bringing prosperity in human life.
Internalise the wisdom imparted through metaphors, and meditate on the mantras To Receive Blessings Of Mata Devi, Maa Maha Kaali, Maa Durga, Maha Devi.
The Devi Mahatmya – The Glory Of The Divine Mother
The Holy Devi Mahatmya brings forth The Glory Of The Divine Mother by weaving together The Dazzling Trilogy Of Sacred Myths Of The Divine Mother’s Triumph Over evil and introducing The Many Divine Forms Of The Divine Mother.
The Supreme And Benevolent Divine Mother Of the universe Manifests In Her Many Divine Forms To Destroy all evil. The Devi Mahatmya’s battlefields symbolize the field of human consciousness. The demons that The All-Powerful Divine Mother Triumphs Over in the battles, symbolize the ego-based human impulses arising from the pursuit of power, possessions, pleasure, and illusions of self-importance.
Through The Three Sacred Myths that are Allegories of both outer and inner experience, The Devi Mahatmya addresses the perennial questions of existence. The Devi Mahatmya teaches the devotees that the entire manifest universe propels according To The Divine Play Of The Divine Mother. The All-Pervading Divine Mother As Maa AvidyaMaya Binds all to the relentlessly moving wheel of samsara With Her Veil Of illusion. It Is Also The Divine Mother As Maa VidyaMaya Who Bestows knowledge and spiritual liberation Upon whoever She Wills.
Devotees should worship The Divine Mother With complete self-surrender, and recite or listen to the recitation of The Devi Mahatmya with single-minded sincerity, devotion, and meditation To Receive The Blessings Of The Divine Mother For a prosperous life and spiritual evolution.