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Maha Kali’s Ten Arms and Weapons

𝐌𝐚𝐡ā 𝐊ā𝐥ī’𝐬 Ten Arms Represent The Ten Directions (the Four Cardinal Points, the Intermediate Points, and the points Above and Below) and convey the idea of Divine Omnipresence.

  • Her Sword represents the Knowledge that Destroys Ignorance by Severing what is apparent and transitory from what is real and abiding.
    -The Discus is the constantly turning wheel of time, which inexorably Destroys all that has name and form.
  • The Mace Destroys Unrighteousness (Adharma).
  • The Bow as the tamasic aspect of ego and
  • The Arrows as the sensory and motor organs.
  • Iron Bar represents Restraint or self-control.
  • The Divine Mother’s Spear is a metaphor for the Penetrating Insight of Spiritual Awareness.
    -The Severed Human Head represents the Vanquished Ego and triumph over the limitation of personality that obscures the infinite Self (ātman).
    -The Conch destroys ignorance; its auspicious sound symbolizes the power of awakening to Divine awareness.

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