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Ma MahaKali embodies the boundless and existential freedom to Be—without seeking permission.

Ma MahaKali teaches women empowerment and gender equality in its truest form.

Wild, Naked, Tongue Sticking Out—an uncomfortable, Feral Image of Force, Bursting Sheer Power.
She Wears the most gorgeous jewelry—ornate bracelets and necklaces, and some amazing elephant-shaped earrings. There’s blood—that unsettling substance with which women are intimately familiar—everywhere On And Around Her: It drips from the severed head of a demon that She Is Holding Up With One Of Her Arms; it collects in the plate below it; It’s On Her Tongue, on the necklace of severed heads, and the skirt of ripped out arms which, alone, cover Her Nudity; it’s on a pool at Her Feet. There lies the beheaded demon, too, and next to it, Her husband—Shiva.