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Those who worship the Divine Mother shall be blessed beyond their expectation!

The Divine Mother Has Assured She Will Help those who remember Her in following ways in The Devi Mahatmya:



Destruction of Misfortunes


> if collected mind Praises with Narayanistuti

·       No evil can harm

·       No Misfortune from mistakes

·       No Poverty

·       No separation from loved ones

·       No harm from enemy, robbers, kings

·       No danger from weapons, fire, flood

12.2 “I shall without doubt destroy every misfortune of those who with collected mind will praise Me always with these hymns.


12.3 Those who recite the destruction of madhu and kaiṭabha, the killing of mahiṣāsura, and the slaying of śumbha and niśumbha


12.4 with singleness of mind on the eighth, fourteenth, and ninth days of the lunar fortnight, and those who listen with devotion to this supreme poem of My glory


12.5 will have no evil befall them, nor any misfortunes arising from wrongdoing. For them there will be neither poverty nor separation from loved ones,


12.6 nor danger from enemies, robbers, or kings. Nor at any time will danger arise from weapons, fire, or flood.


Achieve Supreme Wellbeing


> if recited with concentrated mind

12.7 Therefore this poem of My glory is to be recited by those of concentrated mind and heard always with devotion, for it is the supreme way to well-being.

No Misfortune

12.8 May this glorification of Mine put to rest all misfortunes born of pestilence, and also the three kinds of calamity.


Mother Will Be Present Where She Is Remembered

12.9 Where it is always and rightly recited in My Sanctuary, that place shall I never abandon. There My Presence Is Abiding.


Even Without Knowledge If Remembered, Shall be Accepted

12.11 When offerings are made in worship, with or without proper knowledge, I shall receive them gladly and also the fire oblation performed in like manner.


Filled with Devotion, when Mother is remembered in Annual worship

12.12 At the great annual worship which is performed in the autumn season, those who hear this poem of My Glory and are filled with devotion

Become fearless


> when Mother’s Glory, Auspicious Manifestations, Prowess in battles is heard

12.14 Hearing of My Glory, My Auspicious Manifestations, and My Prowess in battles, they become fearless.

Destruction of Adversaries

Wellbeing to them and their family


> when Mother’s Glorification is heard

12.15 For those who hear My glorification, their adversaries go to utter destruction. Well-being comes to them, and their families rejoice.

Prevent evil

Misfortune and Evil Portent subsides

Turns nightmare into sweet dreams


> When The Devi Mahatmya is heard

12.16 For those troubled by nightmares or the ill-boding of stars, at rituals for averting evil this poem of My Glory should always be heard.


12.17 It causes misfortunes and evil portents to subside, and it turns nightmares into sweet dreams.


Help children with seizures

Resolve differences, restore friendship

12.18 It pacifies children overcome by seizures, and wherever discord divides, it best restores friendship.


Subdue evildoers

Destroy fiends, ghosts, ghouls

12.19 It is unsurpassed in diminishing the might of all evildoers. Truly its recitation brings about the destruction of fiends, ghosts, and ghouls.


Bring closer to the Divine Mother

12.20 This Entire Glorification Of Mine draws one near to Me.


Please the Divine Mother


– when offered gifts, flowers, perfumes, lights, cattle, for a year

– feeding Brahmanas

– oblations

-consecrated water


12.21 As by the offerings of finest cattle, flowers, gifts, incense, perfumes, and lights, made day and night for a year; and as by the feeding of Brāhmaṇas, by oblations, by consecrated water;


Remove impurities

Grant freedom from disease

> when The Devi Mahatmya is heard


Protection against evil spirits


>  when The Divine Mother’s Birth’s are related with as mentioned in The Devi Mahatmya, Ch 11

12.23 When heard, this poem of My glory removes impurities and grants freedom from disease. The relating of My Births confers protection from evil spirits.

12.24 Since it recounts My Deeds in battle, crushing the wicked daityas, when heard, it dispels all fear of enemies.

Dispel fear of enemies


> when The Devi Mahatmya is heard where there is recounting of the Divine Mother’s Deeds


Gain auspicious mind


> when praise of The Divine Mother is uttered by Brahmanical seers or you

12.25 Praises uttered by you and the Brāhmanical seers and by Brahmā himself produce an auspicious mind.

Become freed from danger when

– in a forest

– on lonely road

– surrounded by Forest fire

– encircled by robbers in desolate place

– seized by enemies

– stalked by lions, tigers, or wild elephants the Forest

– imprisoned or sentenced to death by any wrathful king

– in a wind-tossed boat on mighty sea

– assailed by hurtling weapons in the midst of battle

– caught in dreadful straights or tormented with agony


> when The Deeds of Battle of The Divine Mother is remembered from the Devi Mahatmya

12.26 When in a forest, or on a lonely road, or surrounded by a Forest fire, when encircled by robbers in a desolate place or seized by enemies,

12.27 when stalked by lions and tigers or wild elephants in the jungle, when imprisoned or sentenced to death by a wrathful king,

12.28 when in a wind-tossed boat on the mighty sea or assailed by hurtling weapons in the midst of battle,

12.29 when caught in dreadful straits or tormented with agony, whoever remembers These Deeds of Mine is freed from danger.

Put on the run

–          lions

–          beasts

–          robbers

–          enemies


> By The Divine Mother’s Power, when remembered The Deeds of The Divine Mother mentioned in the Devi Mahatmya

12.30 By My Power, lions and beasts, robbers and enemies flee far away from one who remembers These Deeds of Mine.”