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Maa Sarvamayi Maha Devi

Maa Sarvamayi Maha Devi
The Divine Mother Is The Supreme Creator Of all, Immanent In all creation.

There is nothing in existence that is not a Form Of Expression Of The Divine Mother. Maa Sarvamayi Maha Devi Is Omnipresent And Omnipotent. As Maa Raudra, Her Expressions Can Be Violent, Impetuous, Fierce, Wild, Inauspicious just like a raging storm. But She Is Also Maa Nitya, Self-Existent And Constant. The ever-changing circumstances of the physical universe, however violent they may appear at times, take place against The Eternal Changelessness Of Divine Reality. As That Divine Reality She Is
Maa Gauri, The Shining, Self-Luminous Consciousness, And Also Maa Dhatri, The One Who Supports the world.