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Maa Manasa Devi

Maa Manasa Devi
The Divine Mother of serpents

As The Great Goddess of serpents, Maa Manasa Devi Is The Reliever of naga doshas, Healer of snake bites and poisons. Also Known As Maa Nageshvari And Maa Vishahara (The Destroyer of poison), She Holds the secrets behind all forms of poisons and venoms and has the power to remove the ill effects from them. As Maa SiddhaYogini, She is The Divine Mother of siddhas and yogis. She Symbolizes The Divine Experience of snake-like movement of The “Prana Shakti” or The “Kundalini” in a mind under control of consciousness through intense meditation. Maa Manasa Devi Reigns Over the mind, body and all actions that can lead to attaining the greatest awareness.

May the Blessings Of Maa Manasa Devi Grant us knowledge to realize the true nature of The Self.