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Maa Durga’s Triumph Over mahishasura And Its Symbolic Meaning

Maa Durga’s Slaying Of the demon king mahishasura Symbolizes the conquest of ego-based attachment and all its consequent pain. The impetuous, ill-tempered mahisharusa, whose name means “buffalo demon”, symbolizes the ego-based sense of attachment.
his behavior embodies the guna of rajas, which is the fiery, active energy that manifests as restlessness, desire, rage, and corrosive passion. mahishasura also represents more than anger. Whenever Maa Durga Attacks, he eludes Her Deadly Blows by using the protective shield of his changing forms. Until he reveals his true form, he remains elusive and seemingly unconquerable.

In the same way, human delusion dons an array of guises to mask and protect an ego ruled by attachment, aversion, and deep-seated fear. Personal demons will continue to bedevil in one form or another until recognized for what they are.

mahishasura’s unwillingness to reveal himself stems from a sense of self-preservation of the false ego, which deceptively appears as true self. Maa Durga Forces the revelation By Piercing him With Her Spear, Which Symbolizes The Penetrating Light Of Higher Knowledge. When mahishasura emerges in his true form, Maa Durga Decapitates him With Her Sword, Which Is A Metaphor For viveka, the ability to discern between the selfish, harmful impulses and the noble selflessness that promotes harmony and points toward Unity.