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MAA DURGA – The Tejas Of The Divine Mother Gives Power To the gods

“Atulaṁ Tatra Tat Tejaḥ Sarvadevaśarīrajam Ekasthaṁ Tadabhūn Nārī VyāptalokatrayaṁTtviṣā”

“Unequaled Light, Born From the bodies of all the gods, Coalesced Into a Female Form And Pervaded the three worlds With Its Splendor.”

– Chapter 2, Verse 13, The Devi Mahatmya

Maa Durga Emerges In Fiery Splendor From the bodies of the gods To Assume A Superior Embodied Form. But Surely The Supremely Powerful Divine Mother Cannot Be Born From their bodies.

In the phrase “Sarvadevaśarīrajam” of the Verse, the element ‘ja’ means “growing in, living at, belonging to, connected with.” The Tejas That Emerges From the bodies
of the gods Is Not their creation But The Divine Mother’s Already Indwelling Presence. What Coalesces Into The Divine Mother’s Magnificent Form Is Actually Her Own Power, Previously Fragmented Among the various gods And Now Reuniting. The gods are agents Of The Divine Mother’s Power.