Maa Durga

The All-Pervading Divine Mother

Maa Durga Is The Divine Mother Who In all beings Is MAA VISHNUMAYA, Symbolizing Her Unmanifested Threefold Creative Power Of Concealing The Divine Self within all, Of Projecting The Power That Sustains the universe, And The Liberating Power of knowledge.

Maa Durga Is The One Who Abides In all beings In The Form Of Intelligence, Sleep, Hunger, Shadow, Power, Thirst, Forgiveness, Order, Modesty, Peace, Faith, Loveliness, Good Fortune, Activity, Memory, Compassion, Contentment, Maternal Affection, And Also As Error (Bhranti) By Which She Obscures Her Luminous Self To Project the world.
Maa Durga Is Pure Consciousness (Chitta), Which Is Both The Source and Manifestation Of the perceptible world, And She Presides Over the senses and their objects, And Is Ever-Present In all elements and beings.