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“Because You Have Overpowered caṇḍa and muṇḍa And Delivered them To Me, You, O Devī, Will Henceforth Be Known In The World As Maa Cāmuṇḍā.”

– The Devi Mahatmya, 7.27

With Her Liberating Knowledge, Maa Chamunda Stills the chitta vrittis, Severs the knot of ignorance, Cuts through the illusion of duality, And Provides spiritual enlightenment to sincere ‘seekers’.

The Auspicious Maa Chandika-Ambika Gave Maa Kaali The ‘Name’ Maa Chamunda After Maa Kaali Slayed the demons chanda and munda. The Violent And Horrific Way In Which Maa Chamunda Destroyed chanda and munda, Symbolizes the drastic, heavy-handed means sometimes necessary in life to overcome the negative effects of human ego.

Maa Chamunda Also Slayed the demon raktabija By Drinking all his blood, Symbolizing The Destruction of chitta vrittis in the human mind that give rise to one desire after another.

Maa Chamunda Is Also The Benevolent Divine Mother Who Allays all fears And Grants all desires of Her devotees. O Maa Chamunda, please Bless us With fierceness to win all battles in life and to gain spiritual liberation.