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The hidden and esoteric meaning of The Devi Mahatmya: the death of sumbha (false-self) at the Hands of The Divine Mother

The combat between The Divine Mother and sumbha (in the final or third charita) symbolically represents battle between false-ego with the ‘True Self’, where the false-self inevitably dies at the Hands of The True Self, The Divine Mother. The false-self is the identity and the sense of self an individual harbours about themselves. Through inner-realization or ‘illumination’ one transcends this limited sense of self and attains union with The Divine-Self, The Source of All creation, The Divine Design, The Cause of All Existence. Greater eloquence or knowledge of the scriptures may not bridge the gap between the Self and the false-self (asmita, sumbha). The Devi Asks for a combat between The Self (Devi) and the false self (shumbha). Obviously, the false self stands no chance and inevitably the false-self dies at Her Hands of The Divine Mother. Indirectly, The Divine Mother Is Asking for nothing less than a sacrifice of the pseudo- self through the combat.