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Mata Ambika Manifests and Spreads Out Her Power Through all the gods

“To The Divine Mother,
Who Spreads Out This World Through Her Own Power And Who Embodies Herself As All The Powers Of the hosts of gods;
To Mata Ambika, Who Is worshipped by all the gods and great seers, we bow down in devotion. May She Grant us that which is auspicious.”

-Chapter 4, Verse 3, The Devi Mahatmya

The Divine Mother Of the universe
Mata Ambika Spreads Out In this world In Preparation For Her Divine Play.
Mata Ambika Projects the world Out Of Herself And Pervades it all.
Through Her Divine All-Pervasiveness,
Mata Ambika Is Omnipresent And
Ever-Actively Directing Her Divine Play.
Mata Ambika Manifests Her Own Power Through all the gods. It Is Mata Ambika Alone Who Is There In all Her creation.