Maha Sarasvati liberates against subtler demons

In The Devi Mahatmya, in the third episode the demons are more complex and subtler. This time the chief demons are

  1. Sumbha (Asmita: “I”/ “Me”, the pseudo-self) and
  2. Nisumbha (Mamata: “Mine”, the attachment to things that the false self clings to) who along with their generals
  3. Canda (pra-vrtti or extraverted psychic energy),
  4. Munda (ni-vritti or introverted psychic energy),
  5. Dhumralochana (distorted perception) and
  6. Raktabija (citta vrttis or incessant compulsive thought processes), are a formidable force to reckon with.

Overcoming these subtler demons requires a luminous, benevolent and beautiful manifestation, one that can enlighten and liberate. This is the manifestation as Maha Sarasvati predominated by Sattva.