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Maa Parvati As Mata Ganesh Janani, Is The Beloved Mother Of bhagwan sri ganesha

Maa Parvati Created bhagwan sri ganesha Out Of Divine Maternal Love By Scraping turmeric paste From Her Divine Body, Molding a baby boy out of it, And Breathing life Into him. Then Maa Parvati Instructed Her son To Let nobody enter the home While She Bathed. Maa Parvati’s Words Became Supreme Command For him, Symbolizing the unbounded and unconditional submission of all creation To The Divine Mother Of the universe.

Later, when lord shiva returned home, he found an unknown boy denying him entry. Angered by this, lord shiva decapitated the boy. On the death Of Her son, When A Grief-Stricken Maa Parvati Threatened To Destroy the universe, lord shiva revived the boy by attaching a gana’s head to his body. Thus, the son Of Maa Parvati became bhagwan sri ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the lord of beginnings. The birth of bhagwan sri ganesha, And The Fury Of Mata Ganesh Janani after he was killed by lord shiva, forcing lord shiva to revive the boy, Symbolizes The Divine Love And Divine Protection Of The Divine Mother To all Her children, Her Creation.