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MAA DURGA Blesses the sincere reciters of The Devi Mahatmya

Blesses the sincere reciters of The Devi Mahatmya

“Where It Is always and rightly recited In My Sanctuary, That Place Shall I Never Abandon. There My Presence Is Abiding.”
“In the offering of oblations, in worship, in the fire ceremony, and in the great festival, All These Deeds Of Mine Are To Be Proclaimed And Heard.”
“When offerings are made in worship, with or without proper knowledge, I Shall Receive them Gladly and also the fire oblation performed in like manner.”

– Chapter 12, Verses 9, 10, and 11, The Devi Mahatmya

Recitation Of The Holy Devi Mahatmya In Maa Durga’s Temples Invokes Her Divine Presence In Them And Renders Them Holy. All offerings at traditional Puja and Sacrificial Homa Fire worship should be accompanied by sincere recitation of The Holy Text. Maa Durga Also Gladly Receives the imperfect offerings of devotees not skilled in the arts of worship and sacrifice when they recite The Holy Devi Mahatmya with utmost devotion.