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Maa Chandika

Liberates Consciousness

The individual consciousness (jiva) can have 8 pasas or bonds, symbolized by the 8 asura clans.
They are: contempt (ghrna), shame (lajja), fear (bhaya), doubt (shanka), disgust (jugupsa), family, caste or group identity that becomes restrictive (kula), pride in one’s morality that makes one judgmental towards others (shila), racial identity that leads to false pride and sense of superiority (jati). They constrain the jiva giving rise to a false sense of self (asmita). Unlike grosser, more easily recognized asuric traits like anger and greed, the 8 pasas are subtler and can influence even the ones successful in sadhana. This is symbolic of the tyranny of the 8 asura clans.

To Counter these 8 asuric forces, Maa Chandika (The Supreme Self) Calls Forth Seven Maa Shaktis Who Along With Maa Maha Kaali Counter the 8 asura clans, Liberating individual consciousness from all bonds.